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Pulp Therapy/Root Canal Treatment

Tooth Pain?
We Offer Relief!

If you’ve ever experienced a severe toothache, you know just how difficult it is to go throughout your day with that kind of pain. Now imagine that discomfort for a kid, who may or may not be able to fully express what the problem is. As a result, they may struggle academically and socially. For your child with tooth pain, Dr. Bear can perform pulp therapy, or root canal treatment in McKinney, TX and actually bring them relief in a few minutes. Could your child need pulp therapy? Reach out to our team and schedule an appointment for them today!

Laughing girl after root canal treatment

Why Choose Bear Pediatric Dentistry
for Root Canal Treatment?

  • Caring, Accommodating
    Dental Team
  • Sedation for Anxious Patients
  • Non-toxic Material for
    Pulp Therapy

Why Would My Child Need Pulp Therapy/ Root Canal Treatment?

Little girl in need of pulp therapy pointing to painful tooth

There are a few scenarios in which a child may require pulp therapy. In many instances, the problem is a cavity or break in the tooth that has reached the pulp or the center, where the tooth’s nerve is located. Because of this exposure, bacteria and acids can then easily access this sensitive area and cause severe pain. However, discomfort is not a prerequisite, meaning that your child does not need to have a toothache in order to undergo pulp therapy.

What Is the Pulp Therapy Process?

Little girl at dental office for root canal treatment

Pulp therapy and root canal treatment are basically the same procedure. When we determine that your child needs pulp therapy, we will administer a local anesthetic to numb the area and relieve any pain. Then we’ll remove the infected parts of the tooth, including the pulp. Then, Dr. Bear will seal the interior of the tooth to prevent further reinfection, and then we will use a dental crown to restore the lost tooth structure.