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Sedation Dentistry

Enjoy Relaxed,
Stress-Free Dental Visits

A typical dentist’s office can be quite intimidating to children. The sounds and smells, not to mention the dental tools, can leave your child nervous about their appointment. Our team strives to make every patient feel safe and right at home in our McKinney dental office. However, sometimes patients need a little help relaxing. That’s where our sedation options make all the difference. Dr. Bear is happy to make accommodations to help your child feel more comfortable for their next appointment, so give us a call to explore options for sedation dentistry in McKinney, TX!

Young girl smiling after sedation dentistry treatment

Why Choose Bear Pediatric Dentistry
for Sedation Dentistry?

  • Gentle, Effective Nitrous Oxide Sedation Available
  • Highly Trained Dentist
    and Team
  • General/Hospital Anesthesia Offered for Advanced Cases

Nitrous Oxide Dental

Preteen boy with nitrous oxide dental sedation mask in place

For patients who are undergoing routine dental care or experience minor dental anxiety, nitrous oxide is a great option to take the edge off their stress. This safe, gentle sedative kicks in within minutes and allows us to make adjustments as needed throughout the appointment for maximum comfort. Once we’re finished, your child will breathe in oxygen for 5-10 minutes. The effects of nitrous oxide will wear off quickly, enabling your child to return to normal activities immediately.

Learn More About Nitrous Oxide

Oral Conscious
Sedation Dentistry

Teen girl taking oral conscious dental sedation pill

If your child is old enough to ingest liquid medicine, they may be a good candidate for oral conscious sedation. This method requires a little bit of preparation but effectively puts patients at ease. 6 hours before the appointment, your child will not eat any food. When they show up for their appointment, they will take a prescribed liquid medicine by mouth. Within 15 minutes, they should feel the calming effect of the medication. Although your child will remain awake and responsive, they will likely not remember details from their appointment.

Sedation Dentistry

IV sedation dentistry drip

Is your child going to have a more complex procedure? Do they have severe anxiety about their dental visit? IV sedation may be the right choice! We deliver the powerful sedative directly to their bloodstream, which means that the effects begin to work quickly, and we are able to change the levels of the sedative as needed. Although IV sedation does not put your child to sleep, they will be in a sleep-like state and may fall asleep on their own because they feel so comfortable.

Hospital Dentistry/
General Anesthesia

Teen girl with eyes closed during general anesthesia treatment

If needed, our team is even able to perform procedures in a hospital setting. In addition to having more space and equipment available, we sometimes do dental work in the hospital so that we have an anesthesiologist and other specialists on hand, just in case a complication arises. This option is particularly beneficial for those who are having several procedures at once. With access to these additional resources, we can ensure your child’s safety and give you more peace of mind while we take care of your loved one’s smile.